Somebody has a case of the Mondays…

June has been a fun and exhausting month!! We have had so many things going on like our anniversary, a concert, swim lessons, play dates & puppy obedience training. We have also had some jam packed weekends full of family outings and pool time. With busy weekdays & weekends comes missed naps and off schedule littles. So by Mondays we are exhausted and grumpy!


We have been diffusing  citrus fresh + peppermint a lot of mornings this month.  It is so refreshing and uplifting and does wonders for turning our grumpy moods around! An added bonus is that is smells amazing and freshens the air 🙂

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Stinky Dog Spray

Preston’s crate is in our sun room/playroom. Every time I open the door to his room I am hit in the face by dog smell. The summer heat is not doing anything for his smell either.  We try to bathe him pretty often and wash all of his blankets, but that only helps until his nightly walk or he steps outside and then he is back to being stinky. I found a recipe for stinky dog spray and decided to give it a try! We spray it on him and his crate! The next morning when I opened the door to let him out, the room smelled so fresh and clean!!

Stinky Dog Spray

16 ozs water

20 drops Purification

combine in glass spray bottle. (I got mine from Amazon)  Shake before each use.

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Makeup Brush Cleaner

I have never cleaned my makeup brushes before! I know that sounds really gross!! But, when I was younger I had really cheap makeup accessories, so when they wore out I would trash them and buy new ones! However, now I have nice makeup brushes that I LOVE!! So when I came across this recipe on Pinterest I knew I wanted to try it!

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Makeup Brush Cleaner

2 ozs castile liquid soap (I found my huge bottle at Kroger for $9.99)

5 drops Purification

3 drops lemon

2 drops lavender

Mix soap and oil well in small glass bowl. Wet bristles under warm running water and dip into soap/oil mixture. Gently rub bristles in circular motion against the palm of your hand for about 10 seconds. Rinse soap off under warm running water. Squeeze excess liquids from brush and lay flat on a clean paper towel to dry overnight.

The results were unbelievable!! When I used them the next day they felt brand new!!  🙂

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My husband… AKA Grumpy Cat

I often lovingly refer to my husband as grumpy cat.  Don’t get me wrong I love that man. He is a great husband, father and provider for our family, but he doesn’t do well with change and is the biggest skeptic. He is a very analytical accountant, so if he doesn’t see proof and data backing something up he doesn’t believe in it. However, I am all about feelings, emotion and all that other warm fuzzy stuff. We are actually a great team and balance each other out quite well, but sometimes he drives me crazy tries my patience when I am trying to get him to come around to something new (or spend money).


So when I wanted to start using essential oils, you can imagine how it went. He couldn’t get on board with the investment in something he thought was silly. However, when our sweet baby girl started sleeping through the night after using the oils, he was a little more open to it. Once we got a kit, and started seeing results in other aspects of our life, he started to come around.

We have been using oils since February, but he wasn’t as convinced as I was about them.  He has been slowly but surely warming up to things. About a month ago, the kids were running around like little crazy people while we were trying to get them ready for bed. He looked at me and said “What do we need to diffuse to get these kids to calm down?” Ever since then he is asking what oil we can use for different things around the house. That’s another thing about grumpy cat… once he’s on board with something he is ALL IN, and they are now the best thing ever. You would have thought it was his idea! So if grumpy cat is a believer you know they must be amazing 😉


What are the ways I can buy oils?

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Option 2: Retail Customer

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Lavender Bath Salts

By the time I get the littles to bed every night I often find myself feeling the stress of the day. I have suffered from insomnia since I was a teenager… and it is made so much worse by stress. Every night I take a warm bath to unwind and relax before bed. I have tried all kinds of bubble baths and salts. I decided to try to make my own using my oils  and the results were great! It’s so simple and easy! Just 2 ingredients- Epsom salt and lavender.

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Mix 1 cup Epsom salt and 20 drops lavender. Store in glass jar and start enjoying some relaxing mama time!

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**Epsom salts are detoxifying, so make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your bath. **

With a dog comes responsibility….and smells!

Since we’ve had Preston our house has started to have that dreaded dog smell. It could be because he likes to lay on our rug for a bed and use his expensive bed as a chew toy 🙂

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Anyway, we had a party back in May at our house and I wanted the house to smell nice, so I picked up some carpet deodorizer that was baking soda based at the store. It did cover up the smell, but it also had a very strong chemical smell.  I found a recipe for carpet deodorizer and decided to try it. It’s quick and easy to make (even with my two littles assisting me) and my carpet looks, feels and smells amazing!

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Young Living Carpet Deodorizer

1 cup baking soda

10 drops Purification

5 drops Thieves

Mix all together in glass bowl. Put in glass mason jar and let sit for 20 minutes. Poke holes in the lid (I used a screwdriver). Sprinkle mixture on carpet and let sit for 20 minutes before vacuuming!