Wool Dryer Balls

As I have mentioned before, we are trying to slowly replace chemical cleaners, soaps and medicines in our home with chemical free things we can make ourselves using our oils. We are doing this to have a more healthy home, but it has also had an unexpected benefit! We are saving money too! Making things ourselves is a lot cheaper than buying them! Who doesn’t love that??

We decided to give the wool dryer balls a try! They didn’t cost much more than a big bottle of our old fabric softener, and they last a lot longer and have no chemicals. I didn’t even realize until recently that even though we were using the “free” version of our softener, it still contains a lot of chemicals that end up in our clothes. Not to mention the savings! A box of dryer balls costs $12.90 and lasts 1,000 loads which equals out to about 1 cent per load. Compared to our liquid fabric softener which costs us $9.99 for 90 loads equals out to about 11 cents per load! An added bonus is that the wool dryer balls are supposed to reduce drying time by 25%! Cheaper, healthier and saves mama time! That’s what Micheal Scott would call a Win-Win-Win 🙂


You can use your oils with these too! Just put 5 drops of your favorite oils on them and toss them in the dryer! We like to use Purification and lavender!

We got our dryer balls here 

Ready to get your own oils? Click here

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