Face Wash

I have very oily skin and even at 30 still have acne! I have probably tried every skin care system out there and have been spending about $100 every 6 weeks on it. I still have occasional outbreaks and the harsh chemicals leave my face feeling not so great. I decided to make my own chemical free face wash using my oils! It is cheap to make and leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed!! I used oils that are good for oily/acne prone skin, but this recipe could be altered with different oils depending on your skin type!

DIY Face Wash

1/3 cup mild castile soap

2/3 cup distilled water

1 TBS grapeseed oil

2 drops lemon

2 drops lavender

2 drops tea tree oil

2 drop cedarwood

In a glass soap dispenser pour in castile soap and grapeseed oil. Put in your oils. Top off with distilled water. Make sure to shake well before each use!

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Jewelry Cleaner

After wearing my rings all the time my rings were looking a little dingy.  I am LOVING my Thieves cleaner that I got this month through my Essential Rewards order and decided to try this jewelry cleaner out. After just 10 mins and a little scrubbing my rings are back to being shiny and pretty again 🙂

Jewelry Cleaner

In a glass jar combine 1 tsp Thieves cleaner, 1 tsp baking soda and 5 drops Lemon. Let jewelry sit in jar for 10 mins. Take out and gently scrub with an old toothbrush and rinse with warm water.

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Owie Spray

I made this recipe to put on  boo boos! With a 4 year old and 2 year old we get lots of those around this house 🙂

Owie Spray

Fill a 2oz glass spray bottle halfway with witch hazel. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree, Lavender, & Frankincense. Fill the remainder of bottle with water. Shake before each use. 

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DIY Bug Spray

With Summer in GA comes mosquitoes. Like I’ve said before, my kiddos have a horrible reaction to mosquito bites. I don’t like using regular bug spray with chemicals on my kiddos skin, especially during the day when I know they are going to be getting in their beds during nap time in the afternoon. I set out to find a good bug spray that works using my oils! I found several different recipes, but ended up combining and changing a few things to come up with this recipe, and we have been using it for a few weeks now. I love that it works and is gentle on their sensitive skin! The fact that is smells so good is an added bonus 🙂

Bug Spray

Fill a 2 oz glass bottle halfway with witch hazel. Add 15 drops Purification, 10 drops lavender, 6 drops Lemongrass, 10 drops Peppermint and 5 drops Thieves. Fill the remainder up with water. Shake before each use. 

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Honey Wheat Bread

My husband has been wanting to make our own bread for years… but I have always been reluctant because I thought it would be too much trouble and hard to do. However, over the last several months we have really been looking at the amount of chemicals and preservatives in our home and are starting to take a more natural approach where ever we can.

It really was not that hard to do and I have to admit that there is pretty much nothing better than fresh homemade bread! My little guy even helped and a few days after the first batch he was eating his PB &J sandwich and said “this is my favorite kind of sandwich, because my mommy and me made this bread together.” Seriously melted my heart!!

My lovely assistant!

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We have been doing it for about 4 weeks now and have tried 3 different recipes. The best tasting bread (which actually turned out to be the easiest to make) can be found here. This recipe makes 2 loaves and lasts us all week…. which surprised me because we eat a lot of bread 😉

unnamed (19)

Yummy BLT with our bread!!

DIY Hand Soap

We are slowly trying to replace household items with ones that we make ourselves (using Young Living Essential Oils as much as we can.) I have been using Bath & Body works hand soap in our bathrooms and kitchen since we have been married. We were running low on soap, so I decided to try this hand soap recipe. It’s super easy to make and I love that I was able to use ingredients we already have in our home.

DIY Hand Soap

2 tablespoons castile soap 

1-2 teaspoons fractionated coconut oil

10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (I did 6 drops Thieves and 6 drops Lemon)

mix the soap and oil in your dispenser. Add your essential oils.  Fill the rest of the container with distilled water (I only filled my dispenser up 3/4 of the way full since I am using mason jars which are bigger than a regular soap dispenser.)  Place top on and shake gently.

unnamed (16)

I LOVE the results and will be using this recipe from now on. It leaves your hands smelling wonderful and feeling so soft and smooth.

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Car Freshener

My mini-van has been smelling funky lately! Let’s be real… kids are gross and sometimes smell weird (especially after running around outside in the Summer sun.) Add in crushed up snacks in their seats, spilled sippy cups,  running a puppy to and from obedience training 4 days a week, wet pool and lake towels/swimsuits/toys and my mom mobile was smelling RIPE!

The idea of using a car freshener from the store didn’t really appeal to me, because they usually give me a headache and the chemicals in them aren’t great for us. So,I made this quick, cheap and easy air freshener for the car! It’s chemical free and smells amazing!

I put one drop of Citrus Fresh and one drop of Peppermint on the end of a wooden clothes pin and clipped it to my air vent! Some other great choices would be Purification, Thieves, Lavender, Lemon… or really any oil you want. The combinations are endless! Easy as pie and my van is smelling so good!!

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